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Women Empowerment

Women Economic Empowerment

Total numbers reached (Direct & indirect)- 20,226

KWCWC’s skill training program goes beyond equipping women survivors with income-generating skills; it empowers them with the tools to build self-sufficient lives. The program offers not just technical skills, but also financial and business management knowledge, creating a holistic foundation for success. To date, more women have benefited from the program through the support from financial institutions, corporates and individuals.

The process starts with mobilization and the creation of support groups. By fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences, this gives women the courage and support they need to endure. The next step is skill development, where students learn real-world skills in pursuits like catering, beadwork, and sewing in order to generate cash.

However, financial literacy is essential. The curriculum teaches budgeting, bookkeeping, and marketing techniques in addition to financial and company management training. This helps individuals become more financially savvy and more prepared to run their businesses.

Finance is made easier to get in order to close the financial gap. To make sure participants have the money to start and expand their businesses, this may entail putting them in touch with savings clubs, grants, or microloans. Lastly, connections for marketing are made. KWCWC opens openings for graduates to offer their goods and services by putting them in touch with neighborhood cooperatives, stores, and markets.

Throughout the program, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation ensure its effectiveness. Data-driven insights inform continuous improvement, tailoring the program to the evolving needs of the beneficiaries