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Research & Data Centre

The Institute is established to spearhead several educational, training, and research programs to benefit regional universities, surrounding hospitals, counselling Centres, governmental agencies, and police forces, among others. Such programs are designed to strengthen the skills of Kenyan medical and judicial professionals and health educators by providing up-to-date health care data.

The Research and Data Centre will collect and disseminate current information to inform programing and policy. The center is uniquely positioned to support the Africa region to longitudinally collect, analyze and share data on GBV. The intent is to offer a central place to access current, up to date GBV information and at the same time generate new information for innovation. KWCWC will partner with Local and international academic institutions. Goal: Evidence–based practice/Data–driven practice to inform policy and enhance clinical practice

The research capacity includes both wet and dry research and publishing.

a.Staffing research and training labs
b.Increasing qualified professionals: Burn research and training of physicians
c. Increasing qualified professionals: Training for teachers and community on universal precautions
d. Increasing qualified professionals: Clinician training programs
e. Increasing qualified professionals: Nurse, Nurse practitioner, and midwives certification training programs
f. Increasing qualified professionals: Biomedical engineering training program
g. Increasing qualified professionals: Forensics Science Certificate programming
h. Increasing qualified professionals: Counselor training program
i. Wet and Dry Research labs: Agriculture, alternative energy including maize and wind, infectious and communicable diseases, etc.