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Mrs. Deloris Jordan

Our Story

The people and culture of Kenya first touched Mrs. Deloris Jordan’s heart in 1993, when she led a group of American students on an educational excursion to the Maasai Mara. For 14 days, Mrs. Jordan and the students lived among the Maasai, an experience that would forever alter the lives of both the Americans and the Kenyans. The cultural exchange opened Mrs. Jordan’s eyes both to the unique beauty of Kenya and to the scarcity of resources that most Americans take for granted.

Having developed a close bond with Chief Ntutu and his family, Mrs. Jordan supported the Chief’s eldest son as he pursued both a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree in the United States.

Nearly ten years later, Mrs. Jordan returned to Kenya as a guest of Vice President Moody Awori to celebrate 40 years of Kenyan independence. Her trip included a tour of Nairobi’s only women’s health clinic, where the long line of women and babies, who needed only basic care but who most likely would never be seen, spoke to her heart.

Mrs. Jordan believed then, as she does now, that she has an obligation to help, and that the women and children of Kenya deserve access to world-class health and education.

James R. Jordan Foundation International has gathered a group of global partners to make the vision of the Kenya Women’s and Children’s Wellness Centre a reality.


Ground Breaking

Mrs. Deloris Jordan has dedicated her life to improving the lives of women and children in need. Mrs. Deloris Jordan and  Odinga are both passionate about ensuring that all women and children have access to quality healthcare and education, regardless of their circumstances.