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Gender-Based Violence and Recovery Center

KWCWC has constructed a state-of the art facility that will serve as a link to comprehensive services and a healing environment as to re-integrate survivors back into safe environments. On-site will be a clinical team to deliver immediate medical intervention, In partnership with the United States International Universities’ (USIU’s) humanities. Department-comprehensive psychological support with trained psychologists and counsellors will be available 24/7. Innovative and non-traditional approaches to recovery e.g. art and dance therapy will be implemented to restore mental wellbeing.

In partnership with law enforcement and local leadership (County representatives, Chiefs), an outlined protocol for safety and follow up to ensure justice is served. This will be complemented by an on-site Forensic lab where specimens are processed and stored locally.

KWCWC has partnered with local government and will work with public and private institutions to refer an average of 300 cases per month to access care and shelter. Working with community health workers, provided with mobile technology to aid in identification and assessment of victims to access a safe-hotline to counsel or admit to care. Technology will be used as an enabler to track and follow up victim’s progress and referral to additional resources.

The GBVRC will provide an ‘Integrated Model of Care’, which will include the following:

  • Immediate medical intervention, supported by an onsite forensic lab & Clinical care.
  • Psychological support from trained psychologists and counsellor.
  • Innovative and non-traditional approaches to recovery –g. art and dance therapy.
  • Legal -Aid Services.
  • Economic Empowerment Program as a prevention and response strategy.