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Safe House "The Family Village"

KWCWC’s one-stop facility is not just a service provider, it’s a lifeline for GBV survivors. Prior to the shelter’s opening, critical gaps existed in essential care. Now, survivors find solace under one roof, accessing:

  • Holistic care: While trauma-informed therapy treats emotional wounds, medical care tends to physical injuries. They can pursue justice with the help of legal aid, and safe refuge provides protection from harm.
  • Empowerment through necessities: acquiring skills prepares one for economic independence, while psychosocial support builds resilience. Groups for community support reduce loneliness and promote understanding and strength.
  • Addressing important gaps: For those who face persistent threats or unstable housing, in particular, the shelter fills a need by providing immediate safety and access to assistance.
  • Impact ripple: Empowered survivors reconstruct their life, lowering susceptibility and promoting reporting. Programs for raising awareness in the community fight negative norms and stop future events.

KWCWC’s impact goes beyond its walls. We strive to:

  • Expand reach: Serve more survivors by increasing capacity and collaborating with partners.
  • Advocate for change: Push for policy reforms that strengthen survivor protection.

KWCWC’s model provides hope and a future free from GBV, one survivor at a time.