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Building impactful, strategic, and sustainable
partnerships aimed at deriving knowledge transfer
and generating research for behavioral change .
A regional, high tech innovation hub delivering
integrated and holistic health services, knowledge
transfer, generating research, promote building of
impactful, strategic, and sustainable partnerships
responsive to health equity for all.


Inspire hope by empowering families across the region to
transform their communities.

We are we Located?

Located on the campus of United States International University (USIU)
in Nairobi Kenya, and housed on 10 acres of dedicated land, the Kenya Women & Children’s Wellness Centre (KWCWC) will be a state of the
art healthcare facility whose programming shares a common intent to
serve the health and wellness of the (Kasarani) community.

About Kenya Women and Children Wellness Center

KWCWC -The Kenya Women and Children Wellness Centre campus is the generous donation of the James R. Jordan Foundation International and their international partners. It was registered as a not-for-profit organization in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2010.

KWCWC, through its community outreach program, addresses sexual and Gender Based Violence in Kasarani and surrounding areas which include among others, Babadogo, Githurai, Kahawa West, Korogocho and Mathare. 

The comprehensive program will develop new structures and networks to address GBV by improving case detection, management and identification, timely reporting, referral to quality care, proper evidence collection and response through a multi-sectoral collaborative approach.

KWCWC has also commissioned a baseline survey to identify GBV trends in Roysambu and establish bottlenecks to access to justice, medical service and psychosocial support for survivors of GBV. Gaps for the study findings will be relevant in policy advocacy and in strengthening delivery for survivors of GBV.

With a full-fledged Gender-Based Violence Recovery Center, Training/Learning Center and a Data Center the KWCWC campus is uniquely positioned to provide cutting edge GBV interconnected services in one place. Services offered will include Health Care services, short- and long-term psychosocial support, social and economic empowerment, building capacity to improve service delivery. KWCWC partnerships will fuse together data to generate new information to improve programming and inform innovation and drive national policy. The Center will employ healthcare innovations including Tele-Counselling to expand its reach to disenfranchised communities within Kenya and the rest of Africa. The center as a tech enabled hub is well positioned to bring together the continent stakeholders to spearhead normative change around GBV towards more lasting solutions.

Our Priority Areas



Centered Family Health Services

We provide the quality health services for all people

Learning And Training

We have been instrumental in providing knowledge and skill transfer.


Provision of Economic and social empowerment


Speaking out at the community, county and national level


Improving on data and analytics to inform innovation

Strategic Partneships

(Impactful, sustainable, local and international Partners)