The KWCWC

    Located on the campus of United States International University (USIU) in Nairobi Kenya, and housed on 10 acres of dedicated land, the Kenya Women & Children's Wellness Centre (KWCWC) will be a state of the art healthcare facility whose programming shares a common intent to serve the health and wellness of the (Kasarani) community.

  • In-Patient Care

    In-Patient Care

    Patients will be treated with services ranging from surgical care; adult and pediatric intensive care units; Burn unit; maternity (prenatal-delivery-post-partum and well baby nursery); diagnostic; clinical laboratory; blood and tissue bank; Oncology treatment; as well as rehabilitation.

  • Out-Patient Care

    Out-Patient Care

    These facilities will cater for the needs of women and children, including general out-patient clinics specializing in infection that plague the country; malnutrition and disease; HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.

  • Family Village & Day Care Lodge (Hostel)

    Family Village & Day Care Lodge (Hostel)

    Will provide a caring and nurturing environment facility for women and children to stay while members of their family are at the Wellness Centre. Facilities provided at the Family Village will include private bedrooms, small apartments with cooking facilities, kitchen facilities providing home-cooked meals, playrooms and playgrounds for children, support and education services.

  • Forensics Laboratory

    Forensics Laboratory

    The lab will provide several key forensic analysis capabilities including DNA, fingerprint, ballistics, drugs and digital evidence. Located adjacent to the arterial bypass road, the lab will easily be accessible by lab workers and law-enforcement personnel.

  • Research & Training Institute

    Research & Training Instutute

    Will provide an environment that promotes a culture of education and learning focused on the needs of the community. The Institute's classrooms for learning will suppliment the adjacent hosting University (USIU) to provide programs for nursing, physicians' assistants, social work, nutrition, pharmacy and other related healthcare skills to meet the medical demands of the large population.

  • Gender Based Recovery Centre

    Gender Based Recovery Centre

    This is an outpatient facility that will cater for both men and women that are victims of domestic violence. The aim of the facility is to reduce the physical, mental, sexual, reproductive and maternal health problems that result from gender violence.


Our Programmes

KWCWC will house a collection of programs and services that will enable a clear range of specialised care for the individual and the community, ultimately increasing the quality of healthcare in Kenya...


The Kenya Women & Children's Wellness Centre

As a not for profit institution, the Centre is committed to promoting equity and excellence in healthcare for Kenya's women and children, with a special focus on those from underpriviledged and under-resourced communities...



The facility will provide superior services, reading material and training sessions to healthcare personnel providing them with valuable skills and opportunities to address the specific healthcare needs of the underserved women and children of Kenya...

The Kenya Women & Children's Wellness Centre: Your Health, Our Commitment!

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